Kimberley Jenneskens

( Member of team: JONKMAN X JENNESKENS )

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Because kids design the future 💕

This November team JONKMAN x JENNESKENS will be going to Ghana for a 24 hour hike, supporting SOS Children's Villages. This non-profit organization gives children, who do not have a (safe) home and/or family, a better environment to grow up and, in addition, support them with developmental assistance. For both Marjan and me, family has been our #1 support in the growth of our careers, and at the same time it has played a decent positive role in how we have become as individuals. We want every child to have a warm place to come home to - just like we've always had. For this hike, we'll be collecting donations so that we can add a little something to the development of succesful futures for children in Ghana. As a designer, there is nothing more important than investing and working with new talent, because without it, we can't innovate and grow a better world.


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€10 14-11-2019 | 14:00 Super proud of you woafelke <3
€7,50 13-11-2019 | 14:32
€25 06-11-2019 | 19:24
€10 04-10-2019 | 20:15 Heel erg trots op dit initiatief! Onwijs veel succes ❤️
€5 24-09-2019 | 14:40 Kimberly’s hartje is zo groot als het universum :)