Marjan Jonkman

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For a lot of us it is normal to grow up in a healthy loving family. But unfortunately there are incredible lots of families and homeless kids who are in need of help. That's why my siblings, best friend and I are gonna walk all together the 24hr hike in Ghana, to raise money for Sos Children's Villages. 

Next to my fulltime modelling job am I also an ambasador of the Dutch Sos Children's Villages organization, where I am very proud of. Last year I went to visit some of the Villages and families in Uganda. It was an unforgetable trip. It was so beautiful to see that a lot of children there got saved by Sos Children's Villages, with their help they now do have a much brighter future than before. Sadly there are still a lot of kids and families who are waiting for help, also in Ghana. With the Ghana Hike we are trying to raise as much money as possible, to give as much kids as possible a brighter future there. Because no child should grow up alone. 

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