Sponsor tips

Tips & tricks for a successful fundraising!

The age-old tip that we want to give you is: dare to ask! Most people are willing to give, but they must be asked to. Take the bold step and go out and ask family and friends to help you. And don't forget: you’re not asking this for yourself, you’re asking this for the vulnerable children in Ghana who desperately need your help.

 To help you get started, we’ve developed a flyer with sponsor tips, you can use to make your fundraising as successful as possible. Download the flyer via the download button on this page or via this link

Your familiy and friends as fundraisers!

We all know how important family is. A family offers you love, safety, care and of course support. This support is something you can ask your family as you start fundraising. This way, your family is helping another family. How great is that!

Below you will find some tips and tricks to raise money.

Perhaps you have young children. How great would it be if they help you! This is possible in many ways!

  • Organize a charity run at school
  • Bob a job!
  • Bake and sell something delicious! Make some cupcakes, make a tasty jam or something else that people would buy from you to raise money for SOS Children’s villages.
  • If your children are a little older, they might be able to do something fun during their sport. Get sponsored at a soccer or hockey game. With a Tikkie sent in the group-app it goes pretty fast if everyone makes a small contribution.
  • Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife can tell all their colleagues about your plans and can place a donation box at work!
  • Grandparents are often willing to sponsor you, however, they can do more. If they can sell something nice in their network with a little profit, they can help you raise money. A nice bottle of wine with a homemade label, a box of cookies or chocolate from Ghana etc.
  • Share your campaign in your whole family, not just your close relatives. Send a personal E-mail to your uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces. When you ask them to make a donation, it feels better when you ask them personally. And don’t forget! You’re not asking this for yourself, but for all the children which we can support together!

 You will be the one delivering a special performance in Ghana, however it’s extra special when you know that the money you’ve raised, and will be spent on the children in Ghana, has been raised by your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to invite your family to follow the Facebook page of The Hike. When in Ghana, we’ll show how you and all your supporters and followers, are making a difference for the children!

Use your social media

This might me the fastest way to involve all your friends and family at once!

  • Post a message on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and link to your campaign page in your bio. Always use the hashtags #sosthehike, #milesthatmatter and #soskinderorpen.
  • Start a whatsapp-chat with all your possible supporters to have a direct connection with them. In this chat you can share your motivation for participating in the Hike. Sending personal messages to everyone could work as well!
  • E-mail all of your friends and include the promotion film from the Hike. This way, they will immediately see why you’re doing this and why they should support you! Don't forget to link to your campaign page.
  • Do you have an intranet at work? Place a message on it or better yet, use the widget. You can find the Widget at the social media sharing icons and you can recognize it by the following: </>. Who knows, your employer or your colleagues may want to make a contribution!

Inspiration to take action

For even more inspiration, read the tips and tricks below. We wish you a lot of fun with your fundraising and of course: good luck!

  • Make a flyer or poster with your promotion for The Hike. You can hang it in all kinds of places (work, your children's school, supermarket).
  • Ask companies whether they would like to sponsor you by offering a place for their logo on your T-Shirt. Your T-Shirt will be sent one month in advance, after which you can have the required logos printed on it.
  • Ask people via Facebook or Instagram whether you may pick up empty bottles and beer crates, so you can collect the deposits. What might work even better is to ask the local supermarket if you can place a donation box next to the place where people hand in their bottles. They might donate their deposits to you.
  • Bake a tasty cake, muffins or make lemonade! Sell these items door to door, at the market, or during the school afternoon break. Everyone loves good food and drink!
  • Get hired as a caterer or cook a delicious three-course dinner for your friends. Invite a nice group of people who will pay you a nice sum for your services. Great evening plus donations for your promotion are guaranteed.
  • Organize a high tea, high wine or beer tasting and invite people who will make a donation on your campaign page!
  • Organize a bingo night at home or at a community center and ask acquaintances (or local shops) if they want to sponsor the prizes.
  • Sell all your old stuff at a flea market. Do this with a friend and make sure to have a great day as well!

Hopefully you are really inspired after reading all these tips & tricks. In case you still have some questions or you would like to share your own tips with us, mail us via info@sosthehike.nl.