What is The Hike Ghana?

Miles that Matter

The Hike is a 24-hour charity walk for SOS Children's Villages. As a participant, you walk as many miles as possible in two 12 hour stretches. Every step you take contributes to a better life for vulnerable children. Participating in The Hike makes for a unique experience and making a difference in the lives of children in Ghana. It ensures SOS Children’s Villages to allow children to grow up in a loving family and have all the opportunities a child deserves.

  • Who can participate? Everyone! Think of families, sports clubs, a group of friends. Children receive a 50% discount on the registration fee. Check the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
  • What is the event? A 24-hour charity walk in Ghana whereby you walk as many miles as possible in two 12 hour stretches.
  • How much is the registration fee? €150,- (early bird) or €190 (full-fee). Children under the age of 18 receive a 50% discount. You arrange your own flights and accommodation. Make sure to arrange accommodation prior to the start of the Hike and afterwards as well.
  • In which country is this event held? Ghana
  • When will this event take place? The Hike will take place on November 16  and 17 2019. There will be a kick-off on the 15th of November in Accra, Ghana for all participants.
  • Why should I sign up for this event? To provide a loving home to children in Ghana.
  • How much money do I have to raise? A minimum of €1500 per person.
  • Walking for 24 hours? You commit yourself to walk two 12 hour stretches for the children in Ghana. There will be a break inbetween, when we sleep in big army tents set up in our base camp. There will be first-aid stations with water, sports drinks and food. Dinner is provided by the well-known chef Ron Blauw
  • What can I expect? You will be walking through the hustle and bustle of the city, across the countryside, past the seaside villages where fishermen clean their fish and then walk through the beautiful Shai Hills national park with beautiful views, perhaps see baboons and 150 different bird species. In 24 hours you will be immersed in the bustling Ghanaian culture and you will become acquainted with the work of SOS Children's Villages and see the difference that you, as a participant, make for children without a safe home. We’re doing everything we can to make this adventure a success. However, keep in mind that we’ll be walking in Africa, and in Africa things might go a little different than planned.
  • Where do I sleep before and after the event? In an accommodation in Accra, which you are expected arrange for yourself.
  • How will I get to Ghana? There are direct flights available from Amsterdam to Accra. However, it’s also possible to take book a flight from Brussels.
  • When do I need to be in Ghana? The Kick-off meeting is on November 15th 2019 starting in the afternoon.
  • Where does my money go to? The money that is raised with The Hike goes to our SOS children's villages and our other programs in Ghana. For example, with €1500 SOS Children's Villages you provide two children in a children's village with the following:
    • Medication for a year             €   130
    • Food and drink for a year       € 1.070
    • Clothes for a year                   €   300
    • Total:                                       €1.500


SOS Children's Villages also tries to prevent family breakdowns which causes children to be left alone, by including families in our family strengthening programs in Ghana. For € 2,700 we can help three children who live in a family that would fall apart without our help for a period of 5 years.